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How Did NDMA Get into Zantac?

| Zantac

Ever since NDMA (nitrosodimethylamene) was found in shipments of Zantac late last year, all medications containing ranitidine have been pulled from the shelves. Now there’s increases scrutiny on the manufacturing, shipment, and storage processes for Zantac that allowed NDMA to contaminate one of the most widely used medications in the world.

In January, a testing lab in Alameda, CA found out how such dangerous levels of NDMA escaped the attention of Zantac’s manufacturer. Emery Pharma found that NDMA “accumulates…on exposure to elevated temperatures, which would be routinely reached during shipment and storage.” They added that these conditions would occur after release by the manufacturer, which means medications that might have looked safe during testing would become dangerous during shipment.

This finding makes testing for NDMA more complex. If Zantac can become carcinogenic during elevated temperatures, then testing for NDMA won’t matter unless the drug is kept in a temperature-controlled environment at after stage of manufacture and sale. Unless the drug is made more stable, any shipment of Zantac could conceivably cause cancer.

All Ranitidine Products Have Been Affected

The original lab that found NDMA in Zantac said that it tested batches of the heartburn medication from all manufacturers and that there were “extremely high levels” of NDMA in every batch it tested. Whatever chemical process is contaminating Zantac is affecting nearly every variety of generic ranitidine medication.

Because this issue is not unique to the Zantac brand medication, you should fill out our 60-second form if you’ve taken any heartburn medication and received a cancer diagnosis. There may be no way of knowing if you ingested NDMA or how much you took, so it’s vital to speak with an attorney to learn if you’ll be able to hold the manufacturer accountable for your medical costs and other damages.

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